Aesthetics and acoustics finally reach the ceiling.

With USG Ensemble Acoustical Drywall Ceiling, architects and designers can get exceptional acoustical performance without compromising the seamless beauty of drywall.

Excellent Sound Performance

  • NRC 0.80 and CAC 44

  • Special perforated USG Sheetrock® Brand panels to optimize sound performance

  • Acoustically transparent USG Ensemble® Spray-applied Finish

Clean, Elegant Aesthetics

  • Seamless look of drywall―nondirectional, monolithic appearance with a fine finish

  • High light-reflective finish (LR-.85) looks elegant, and reduces fixture and energy use

  • Ideal for high-end applications, including lobbies, atriums, executive board rooms, museums, libraries, galleries, restaurants―or other spaces with multiple hard services

Easier Installation

Installs and finishes similar to traditional drywall techniques. System includes:

  • USG Drywall Suspension System

  • USG Sheetrock Brand Ensemble™ Panels

  • USG Ensemble® Joint Compound and Tape

  • USG Ensemble® Spray-Applied Finish

Lower Installation Costs

Revolutionary system is up to half the installation cost versus traditional acoustical plaster systems.

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